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By March 5th, Vote Yes on LCF

Vote YES on LCF
to keep La Cañada Flintridge safe by providing locally controlled funding that the State of California and Los Angeles County cannot take away.

La Cañada Flintridge is a great place to live and visit. However our community faces problems that we must address. Thefts, residential burglaries, and other serious crimes are on the rise. Last year our community experienced a 5-year high in these crimes. 


Additionally, we live in the foothills near Angeles National Forest which presents a constant, growing threat of wildfire, mudflows, and other natural disasters.


Voting YES on LCF provides locally controlled funding to ensure fast 9-1-1 emergency response times, increase neighborhood patrols, reduce wildfire risk, and prepare for natural disasters.


Millions of our local tax dollars are diverted to Sacramento and Los Angeles County each year. Of every dollar we pay in sales tax, only 15¢ stays here in La Cañada Flintridge. That is why we need Measure LCF to keep our tax dollars local. 

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